Last November the CLIL Department decided to build up a new exhibition on ‘The Wonders of the World’. The exhibition was divided into two different sections, these being ‘The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’ and ‘The Seven Wonders of the Modern World’ and depicted the most remarkable natural and manmade wonders from antiquity to present day times. Each section showed different pictures of the spectacular wonders followed by a description of each of them. All CLIL groups were invited to visit the exhibition with their teacher and worked on different activities about the topic.

CLIL students from 2nd year ESO also worked on the theme by making some projects on each of the ‘Wonders’ and orally presented them in front of the class. They did a very nice job!

You can revive memories of it or enjoy it for the first time having a look at this slide presentation.

The following links are listed in order to provide more background information about ‘The Wonders of the World’.