What a nice experience our 1st year ESO students from the CLIL group had on 22nd-26th June! They practised the English language 24/7 with the monitors, teachers and other students.

They had morning, afternoon and evening activities every day ranging from English lessons (indoor and outdoor), handicraft workshops, outdoor adventure activities (multiadventure, parachute, magnets, oil bracelet, archery, flying fox, etc) and day excursions.

The students had an amazing experience living in harmony with the environment and improving their English skills.

You can now have a look at the pictures that were taken at the camp and relive the experience!



This year a new project has been launched at the school which was designed for 1st and 2nd year ESO volunteer students. Different Departments joined efforts aimed at focusing on the development of cross-curricular content.

These students improved their skills over various areas of knowledge, these being ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man’ and ‘Egypt’.

It’s also important to point out that CLIL students were given the handouts in English and were asked to complete the activities in this language.

You can access the Official webquest of the second project entitled ‘Egypt’ by clicking on the following link: http://www.cesamaniego.com/webquest/egipto/index.html

Have fun and learn more about this astonishing civilization!


This contest was held on the 12th May at the school and over 150 CLIL students took a Language and Cultural based test. This contest ended to be an outstanding motivational tool to continue to learn and practise the English language. They could practise by entering the official web (www.thebigchallenge.com) and completing some quizzes or even downloading the ‘Yes No Game’.

The results were very good and some students even reached the first positions at regional level! They did such an amazing job!

You can now check some of the pictures that were taken at the Big Challenge Awards event that was held at the Assembly Hall at the end of the school year.


Last April, 4th year ESO students went on a study trip to London for 4 days. Although the beginnings were quite difficult because of the flight delay, the students (and the teachers) managed to overcome the situation successfully. Once we got there, we visited the main streets, museums and monuments of the city by following the instructions and explanations of the teachers.

Whether you were part of the trip or not you can still watch some of the pictures we took in the amazing city of London. Enjoy!


This year’s English Cultural Week was focused around the topic of ‘Comics’. First, all CLIL students were shown an exhibition on this theme. The exhibition was divided into three parts which were written in different languages (English, Spanish and French) in order to teach and foster a multicultural and multilingual approach. The students really enjoyed it and learned a lot more information about the history of their favourite Comic characters and plots.

1st and 2nd year ESO students were asked to prepare a Comic strip following the topic of ‘Superheroes Saving the World’ and then, presented it in groups to the rest of the class. All comic strips were put up on the wall next to the exhibition so that all students could benefit from it.