Christmas is a great time to spend some quality time with family and friends given the importance of this time of the year. 

Regarding educational purposes, the Foreign Languages Department prepared some class activities such as watching Christmas theme films (Polar Express 1ºB, The Rise of the Guardians 2ºB and 2ºC and A Christmas Carol 3ºB), did some Christmas hand-craft (Christmas tree with New Year wishes written by the students 1ºB), visited an exhibition on the origins and current tradition of this festivity in the different English speaking countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, etc. 

Then, the students were asked to complete some exercises and quizzes regarding the already mentioned activities and also to write a composition on a specific Christmas topic given by the teacher. The students learned about the differences among traditions and practised the speaking skill in the divided classes.



On 28th November the students from the CLIL program were shown an exhibition on the festivity of Thanksgiving. In order to know more about its origins we have to look back to the history of the American colonization. Hence, the exhibition was structured into three different sections, these being ‘Mayflower’, ‘Thanksgiving Day’ and ‘Pilgrim Fathers’. 

The students completed a test based on the information that was being shown on the exhibition which gave them the opportunity to understand the celebration that takes place nowadays.

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Last 12th November the school’s Science Department prepared a nice healthy breakfast aimed at 3rd year students (compulsory secondary education) and 1st year of non-compulsory education students (Science). This activity was developed with the goal of raising the students’ awareness about the importance of having healthy food for breakfast as a way of improving their academic performance.

Within the classroom context, the students translated and completed a survey on healthy habits. Then, Reyes López López (3rd year- Class B) interviewed the British high school teacher Nick about his personal healthy habits. This interview was conducted and filmed in class and all the students enjoyed it very much!

You can also check the French interview that Rosalía Pacheco Pérez and Ángel Navarro Blázquez (3rd year- Class B) made in French class with their teacher Irene.


Last Halloween students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of compulsory secondary education (ESO) did different activities related to this anglosaxon festivity. They visited an exhibition which content was based on its origins and traditions. These students developed different skills related to English language learning, such as looking for specific information, writing and speaking within the classroom context.

1st year students made some creepy greeting cards to wish their classmates a ‘happy Halloween’ and they decorated them adding some lollipops disguised as ghosts and vampires. Other students from 3rd year spent one hour decorating cupcakes with some icing. They brought the ingredients and followed the recipe in order to prepare the decorations and finally eat them. Some of the most spectacular decorations were scary monsters, cookie monsters, vampires and ghosts.

Finally, 1st and 2nd year students watched the film titled ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ in the Assembly Hall.




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