The day finally arrived! 2º and 3º ESO CLIL students together with three teachers spent 8 days in Cork (Ireland) doing an Immersion Programme. The students were accommodated in houses by Irish families and spent one week attending English classes in the morning and visiting different places around Cork in the afternoon.

They had such a great time learning and practising English in real life contexts. They loved the city and they are willing to come back next year. They even wanted to stay there one more week!

Let’s have a look at this amazing video that sums up the experience!


St. Patrick’s celebration has arrived and the world is dressing up in green! Would you like to know what our students did over the week?

1º, 2º, 3º and 4º ESO CLIL students were shown some videos about St. Patrick’s origins and last year celebrations around the world. They visited the exhibition that was displayed at the Hall and they practised speaking activities, games and discussions on the topic. St. Patrick’s Day was on 17th March but they did all these activities from 16th to 18th March.

You can check everything we did on the following resources.


Samaniego’s CLIL students are back again at the theatre! This year 1º,2º,3º,4ºESO and 1ºBachillerato CLIL students went all to watch the adaptation of Shakespeare’s play called ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ on the 26th January.

Of course, a few days before going to the theatre the students were explained the storyline of the original play and we discussed the main points and the characters in class. ‘Eina D’Escola’ made the theatrical adaptation and everyone had so much fun watching it. Some students even performed some parts with the actors on stage! It was hilarious! You can also have fun and learn a little bit more about this play by watching the following pictures and clicking on the links. Enjoy!


As ‘Santo Tomás de Aquino’ is the students’ patron saint, we celebrated the festivity at school on Thursday, 28th January. Students came to school and had fun doing activities from 8:30 to 13:30. The schedule for the day was the following one:

9:45-10:00 Choir Concert
10:00-11:00 Karaoke in English
11:00-12:00 Acrosport
12:00-13:30 Zumba

The Karaoke activity was organised by the Foreign Languages Department together with the CLIL Department and was a complete success! It was a Karaoke Contest in pairs. The students had to get on the stage and sing English songs. We used a Wii singing game to calculate their points. The winners were given two vouchers to have breakfast at the school canteen for free. They were so lucky!


CES Samaniego’s Choir members participated in the Regional Christmas Choir Contest that took place in Murcia. The Music teacher, Javier Bermejo, went with them and they performed some beautiful Christmas Carols. The rest of the Bilingual Schools in Murcia took their choirs and also performed some theatrical plays and sang some English and French Christmas Carols.

Check the pictures here!