It’s Christmas time! Christmas holidays are just around the corner and everyone at school is starting to celebrate! What are our students going to do?

1ºBachillerato (CLIL Section) students worked on an exhibition that they created themselves. They were asked to form different groups and they were given different topics related to the theme ‘Christmas Around the World’. They used computers in the ICT room and looked for information and pictures in order to highlight the most important features and traditions of Christmas time. Once they finished, we all created the exhibition and displayed it at the Hall of the school. All the students at the school could read it and enjoy it.

From 14th to 23rd December, the students were involved in different activities related to Christmas. 1ºESO students made snow globes following the teacher’s instructions and adding a Christmas Greeting Card inside. 2ºESO B students made a Christmas Greeting Card and a Christmas bookmark. They made it in class and later gave it to another student as a Christmas gift.

Finally, the CLIL Music teacher Javier Bermejo, rehearsed with the Choir group different English songs. They performed them in front of all the students at the Assembly Hall on the last day. They sang beautifully and also played some musical instruments. As an extra CLIL activity, Javier Bermejo together with our English Language Assistant (Ana S.) prepared an outstanding performance with 2ºESO B students. They also performed it in front of the whole school that day. It was the Cup Song! 

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