Last Monday 20th March, 3ºESO and 1ºBACH students attended a culture-based amusing lesson that was presented by a native English-speaking trainer called Sam.

The lesson lasted for one hour and all the students really took advantage of this rewarding opportunity to learn about the UK in a very interactive and dynamic way.

The students had fun learning about interesting facts like the reason why British citizens drive on the left. They also had the opportunity to win small prizes for their participation and correct answers in quizzes and contests. They also played the well-known quiz show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ and were given the chance to use lifelines such as calling Sam’s mum. Unbelievable!

All in all, the students had such a great time and learnt so much about British cultural facts. We hope we will welcome him back again next year. Until then, thank you for your attendance!
P.S: If you weren’t able to come to the event and you still want to learn about Britain, click on the picture below in order to gain access to videos, texts and resources on this topic. Enjoy!

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