We’ve just come back from this year’s English Town Camp in Riópar. Our students from 1ºESO and 2ºESO participated in the full immersion camp for five days (19th-23rd June). They’ve been practising English 24 hours a day and they have attended English lessons and done multiple multi-adventure activities. As this year the weather was very hot, they could swim in the small lake that is adapted as a swimming pool.

The students took advantage of this experience in the best way possible as they really practised English all day long. They were able to improve their Communication Skills as they focused more on Speaking and Listening practice. At the end of the week, the students received Diplomas and some marks for their level of communication and commitment. Their marks were really good!

If you participated in the camp and you want to see all the pictures, you need to access the following link. A folder with the pictures will open and you will be able to download them.

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