Learning English through movies and plays is one of the best ways of improving the listening comprehension skill and hence, the related speaking skill. Students are able to learn words and grammatical structures in realistic context and later recognise these words in conversations and use them in real life situations without even realizing it.

For these reasons, both the students from the bilingual groups and also the rest of them went to the theatre to watch a play in different days. Groups 1ºA, 1ºC, 1ºD, 2ºA, 2ºC and 2ºD went there to watch a modern play titled London, here I come! in English and Spanish. CLIL groups 1ºB, 2ºB and 3ºB watched a theatrical version of Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ in English. We prepared it in class in advanced by showing them a PPT presentation about the author’s background, about the main points of the plot and characters. After watching it the students did an oral quiz with questions about the play in class. They really enjoyed it!

You can also find more information about this theatrical company clicking on the following link:

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