The students from the CLIL Program 1ºB, 2ºB and 3ºB were asked to do some projects on different topics that were related to one of the last units of the student’s book.

1ºB students designed different posters which included information about Charles Dickens’ background, biography and novels. In groups of 4, 5 or 6, each group chose one of the novels proposed by the teacher and looked for information on the Internet. They came up with posters about Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘Great Expectations’ ‘The Pickwick Papers’, ‘Little Dorrit’, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and David Copperfield’ novels. They showed the posters to the rest of the class by giving a short presentation and hanged them on the walls.

2ºB students also did some posters to hang them on the walls. Their task was to look up on the Internet some information about a striking story in order to get the main points and write their own composition based on the true facts. It was an individual task that was handed in to the teacher and later shared with the rest of the class.

Finally, regarding the piece of work that students from 3ºB did, this project consisted of preparing a PowerPoint Presentation using the ICT Competence and also recycling the knowledge already gained when dealing with Natural Sciences classes. The topic was Good Healthy Habits as part of the project that the Sciences Department have started this year at the school. The task they had to do was to prepare a Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Lunch and Healthy Dinner following the next criteria: 50-55% Carbohydrates, 30% Fat and 15% Proteins. You can check out some of the projects the students made in the following section.

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