Cultural Week took place last April/ May from 28th to 2nd. Among all the different activities that the Hispanic Language and Literature Department prepared for this week, our Foreign Language Department also got involved by preparing different activities. We decided to do our bit by preparing an exhibition on Shakespeare’s 450th Anniversary in order to inspire Secondary school teenagers through creative and cultural learning experiences. The teacher took 1ºB, 2ºB, 2ºC and 3ºB ESO classes in groups of 15 students and explained Shakespeare’s historical background, biography, plays and language. The students were then asked to complete some worksheets on questions regarding the Exhibition’s information.

2ºB students completed this exhibition by designing some posters about Shakespeare’s quotes and the language we owe to Shakespeare. They even won a prize!

Some volunteers from 1ºB, 2ºB and 2ºC ESO prepared some theatrical performances on some of Shakespeare’s best-known plays such as ‘As You Like It’, ‘Twelfth Night’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Henry V’ (this last play was performed in French). What is more, 3ºB students prepared the reading of the Balcony Scene (‘Romeo and Juliet’) in Modern English and performed it in front of the class. All the students were also shown a clip of the same scene in Early Modern English (Shakespeare’s language). Hence, they were able to notice the differences between Shakespeare’s language and the English language they are currently learning at school.

You can get access to more information on Shakespeare’s Anniversary by clicking on the following links:

Have fun learning a bit more about the English poet, playwright and actor which is regarded as the greatest writer in the English language!

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