This year our students who take part in the CLIL Program (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Compulsory Secondary Education) were taken to the Halloween Exhibition located in the school’s hall. The English teacher explained the history and background of the festivity as well as the traditions that American people practise on the 31st October. Then, the students were asked to complete a worksheet with some specific questions from the information portrayed on the exhibition. Some of the students also volunteered to prepare an oral presentation on the topic of Halloween and presented it in front of the rest of the class.

As for Halloween activities, 1st year CLIL students spent one lesson on Halloween’s day doing some craft activities. Following the teacher’s instructions, the students easily completed a DIY (Do It Yourself) craft activity based on the elaboration of ‘Halloween-themed Pouches’.

2nd year CLIL students had great fun when making some Halloween-themed recipes and bringing them to class. But first, the students presented their recipe to the rest of the class using the information they had written on a poster. After all groups finished their presentation, we managed to eat all the food.

3rd year CLIL students practised their listening skill by watching Angelina Jolie’s original version of the film ‘Maleficent’ with subtitles. Then, the students were asked to express their personal opinion on the film with a partner.

4th year CLIL students worked on Halloween-themed Film Projects. They chose a Halloween/Scary film and made a written project. They were asked to follow different sections and include information such as Index, Plot Summary, Analysis of the Characters, Extra Information (release, marketing reception, etc) and Personal Opinion Review.

What follows is a slide presentation with pictures of all the already mentioned activities. We hope you enjoy it!

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