On November 28th, 4th year ESO students (Class 4A, 4B and 4C) went on a day trip to Madrid to visit ‘El Prado’ Museum. This excursion was planned both by the CLIL Social Sciences teacher David and the Spanish language teacher Clara. The visit was successfully completed and the students learned a great deal from it!

The 4th year CLIL student Alba González was responsible for taking notes and pictures of everything they did. She subsequently submitted a description of the event to the teacher and details of the trip can be found below.

We started the trip on Friday 28th at 6 a.m. Before arriving in Madrid we stopped in our way so that we could have breakfast.  

We finally arrived in Madrid and went to ‘El Prado’ museum. First, we saw the surrounding area of the museum and after having a look at the magnificent building we went in. We stayed in for about two and a half hours. We were glad to see different paintings made by EL Greco, Velázquez, Rubens and Goya. Then, the teachers took us to visit ‘El Madrid de los Austrias’. Unluckily, we had to see it by bus because it was raining heavily. We also went to a mall where we had free time to have lunch and go into the stores.

To sum up the trip, we all enjoyed it very much although the rain kept us from seeing some areas, monuments and buildings.

We hope to come back soon!

(Alba González, 4B)

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