We’ve had an amazing time at Christmas this year! The students have taken part in Christmas workshops in which they had practised cross-curricular competences while practising the English language. 1ºB, 2ºB and 3ºB ESO students made some Christmas crackers in class. They brought all the materials and followed the teacher’s instructions as shown in ‘I Love English’ magazine.

All the CLIL program students were involved in a Cultural Class both with the Native Language Assistant and with the English teacher. They were shown some videos about Christmas traditions and shopping while they had to complete some worksheets on the content and vocabulary based on the content of the video. You can check it out clicking on the following link:

Furthermore, all the students were taken to the traditional exhibition about Christmas in Britain and the United States.

Finally, the last day of school before the Christmas holidays there was an event at the Assembly Hall where some of the groups performed a play and some songs among other activities. It was great!

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