This post is devoted to ‘The Academy Awards’ AKA ‘The Oscars’. Come along on this journey to the film world in order to learn more about this annual American event.

The actor Neil Patrick Harris presented 2015’s ceremony and the Oscar statuettes were given to the elected nominees of each category.

1ºB and 2ºB students were led to ‘The Oscars Exhibition’ placed at the school’s hall. The teacher explained the most interesting facts of the history of the ceremony and answered the students’ questions. Then, we all headed to the Art Room and saw the following videos that you can also access now here:


3ºB and 4ºB students watched eight short thank-you speeches from the 2015 Oscar Awards and then completed a matching activity to find out what topic was each of the speeches about. You can now remember it o redo it by following the link below.

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