3rd year ESO students participated in the 22nd edition of Euroscola Contest devoted to the 30th anniversary of the integration of Spain in the European Union (1986-2016).

Our goal this year is to think about the transformation process undergone by Spain since its integration in the European Union in 1986.

All the activities and projects the students have done can be seen on their team’s blog and on the following video they also did to summarise their entire project.

Eurosamaniego2's blog

Summary Video - Eurosamaniego2's Project

What follows is a video that Samaniego’s Choir recorded for the contest by changing the original lyrics of Adele’s song ‘Hello’ in English; and another video filmed in order to raise awareness about the refugees' situation in Europe.

Eurosamaniego's song 'Hello'

It's our responsibility - Refugees video Eurosamaniego2

They finally got on the 2nd position! Congratulations to all the students and the teachers who guided them through the process like their Coordinator Martín García Gómez together with the help of the CLIL Section Coordinator.

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