The school year is over! Whether you have accomplished all your goals or you are still working over the summer to succeed in September retake exams, you have nearly 3 months to balance study with cultural and leisure activities.

Hence, now that you have plenty of time to enjoy yourself during your summer holidays… what about having fun by learning and practising English through fun activities, films, TV series or books?

What you will find here are some easy tips to improve your English. Click on the pictures to access the websites. Let’s start!

     1)    Watch and listen to American/British TV series or films with English subtitles. Don’t be afraid to pause it if you do not understand one word or sentence and go look for it! You can also watch TV at home in English by changing the language on your TV settings. It couldn’t be easier!

2)    Look for all information you need in English! You will find out that there’s actually a lot more information to access in this global language. Just google it!

3)    Improve your listening skills through songs, Podcasts or Youtube videos! You just need to look for your favourite songs and watch the videos on Youtube playing them with subtitles. Don’t be afraid to sing along at home and try to imitate the pronunciation.

4)    Choose a book you would really like to read and try to buy it in English at your local bookshop or order it via Amazon. At first, it might be challenging to understand all the words but carry on reading and you will learn without even noticing it!

5)    Change the language settings in all your technological devices and social networking sites, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. or even your video games! You will become used to the English terminology and English will become a part of your life!

6)    Finally, force yourself to write and speak in English as much as possible!

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