The new teaching methods and techniques together with the more flexible working systems that our teachers are starting to grow accustomed to, are symptomatic of a fast-changing society.

English and CLIL section teachers have worked very hard so as to make our students aware of the importance of introducing a new work structure using Projects in class. In order to work with a new Project every term (1st, 2nd and 3rd Terms), the students have spent a lot of time organising their work with the teacher’s guidance through different steps and once the work was finished the groups presented it orally in class with the help of a PowerPoint Presentation.

As you have read in previous entries, our students have also participated in an Inter-disciplinary Project about ‘Climate Change’. English, Natural Sciences, Spanish Language, Mathematics, French and Music teachers have worked closely to ensure that the students were presented a cohesive multi-disciplinary project to work with in collaborative groups during class time.

As a Cooperative School, Samaniego has decided to take a new path into Project Work, so you will be definitely reading more about these projects over the following years.

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