The Big Challenge Contest is back at Samaniego High School! This school year 1º, 2º, 3º and 4º ESO CLIL students as well as any other non-bilingual volunteer students participated in the contest. They took the tests on 3rd May and they were given the prizes in an Award Ceremony that was celebrated at the Assembly Hall on the last school day in June. They were very happy with their diplomas and prizes! The best part is that they’ve learnt that hard work always has positive results.

Furthermore, special mention should be made of the 1st winners of each grade:
-       1ºESO – Andrés Enrique Cutillas Martínez
-       2ºESO – África Berengüí Caparros
-       3ºESO – Pablo García Carrillo
-       4ºESO – Andrés Moñino Martínez

Congratulations to all of them!

So, if you are willing to participate in the contest next year you should start practising now. You just have to click on the following link or download the Big Challenge apps and become an expert! Good luck!

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